Rauvolfia Serpentina Showing Viral Infection Symptom In Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Rauvolfia serpentina, family Apocynaceae, is widely cultivated in Asia such as India and adjoining countries for the production of roots used in several herbal formulations. In Indonesia, R. serpentina mostly are still as wild crops which grow at the forest in Java, Kalimantan and other islands. In Yogyakarta, some R. serpentina planted in experimental plots in 2011 showed some typical viral infection symptoms such as vein banding, severe mosaic, and stunting of the whole plant. The causal agent was transmittable by sap inoculation to indicator plants (Chenopodium amaranticolor) which produced chlorotic local lesions. Using the same method, the causal agent was also transmittable to healthy R. serpentina and produced vein banding, severe mosaic, and stunting similar to the symptoms of naturally infected R. serpentina. TAS-ELISA detection using anti Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) antibody to the R. serpentina leaves showing the typical symptoms resulted in negative reactions. From the results of examinations, it is suggested that the causal agent of the symptom is virus and the virus is not CMV.

Corresponding author: Supyani *

E-mail address: supyani_id@yahoo.com

Citation: Supyani * (Rauvolfia Serpentina Showing Viral Infection Symptom In Yogyakarta, Indonesia) Biomirror: 8-11 / bm- 3004081114

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